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Mild Steel

We are a Mild Steel supplier that supplies EN1A grade Mild Steel round bar. If you are having trouble finding a mild steel round bar please use the search function or the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page.

Mild steel round bar is a type of carbon steel and has a number of different uses in various industries. At this Mild Steel Supplier we offer an extremely competitive selection.

Whatever your requirements for mild steel round bar or rod , we are a Mild Steel supplier that offers mild steel that conforms to industry standards to ensure all of our customers always receive the highest level of quality from our complete range of mild steel bar materials.

Searching for materials such as mild steel bar couldn’t be easier thanks to this Mild Steel supplier. Our competitive range of mild steel materials means that you will easily find the right mild steel bar to match your requirements.

To make finding the mild steel bar you need even easier, at the online store of this Mild Steel supplier you can also narrow your search to find the exact diameter, width and thickness of the mild steel bar that you need.

Our high grade mild steel bar ensures a leading level of quality, and our customers have grown to rely on our superior service from this Mild Steel supplier time and time again.

Providing materials to a number of industries, as well as mild steel bar, we are a Mild Steel supplier where you can find a competitive selection of other materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel tube and plastic. We are not just a mild steel supplier!

Choose great quality and a competitive selection when choosing your mild steel bar products at a top Mild Steel supplier like Metal and Plastic. Here you will find a huge range of mild steel bar, mild steel rod and you can always rely on great quality from this Mild Steel supplier every time.

Our aim is to be the top mild steel supplier of mild steel bar.

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